I’m Alan Hammond, and I’m glad you found your way here.

A while back, after I had started this website and was well into the writing of my book, I heard Winston Churchill described as a “man of consequence.”  Until that point, I didn’t have a phrase that so well captured the purpose of this site and the upcoming book.

That one phrase encapsulated what I want to do and be in this life, and what I believe many of you want, as well; we want to be consequential and make a real and lasting difference to our wives, children, families, and the greater world. Perhaps most importantly, we want to reach our potential as men and know in our hearts that we have done so.

This world will pull us in many directions and lead us down a path far from the one we want to travel. I know I’ve found myself so far from where I wanted to be that getting back seemed hopeless. It was not.

With the help of wise counsel, I took control of my life and started back. With every step toward my goal, my spirit lifted, I felt more powerful, began to realize my potential, and knew a revolution was possible.

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We all have one thing, or many things, that raise our spirits, that puts us in The Zone, that makes us feel the power we have within. Personally, MY THING is writing. Yours may be, too, or it may be building bridges or learning a particular skill or getting closer to your family, or training for a marathon.

One thing is sure: When we fill with spirit, when we live as men of consequence, we can change the world.

I am a man. I am also a husband, father, Christian, writer, hunter, golfer, prolific eater, and so many other things. In some ways, I am where I want to be in my life. In equally numerous other ways, I am improving. I’ve made many mistakes along the way to where I am today. I will make more mistakes, but I will follow the path that leads me to my ultimate destination.

If you want to start your revolution, join in a larger revolution, and be a part of something great, join us. At the very least, you’ll see you are not alone. At best, well, it’ll be amazing.


From the photo, it appears I love abnormally large glasses of Coca-Cola.









Thanks for coming.