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Thank You, Bertha Benz

Getting off our backside and making things happen through action isn’t reserved for the males of our species. Bertha Benz is a testament to that fact.

I Love a Good Podcast

This morning, I was binging on The Way I Heard It, the ever pragmatic, always interesting Mike Rowe’s podcast. If you haven’t heard of Rowe, you’ve surely seen him. He’s the guy in the ball cap in the Ford commercials, but best known for his Discovery Channel show, Dirtiest Jobs. Each of his podcast episodes is around 10 minutes in duration, so listening to four or five on the way to and from the grocery is quite doable.

If you recall Paul Harvey’s radio show, The Rest of the Story, you’ll come to know and love The Way I Heard It.

The subject of one episode struck me as particularly impressive this morning. And, particularly relevant to the chosen topic of this blog and my ever, but slowly, advancing book; how men can exit their funk and be and do more.

Interestingly enough, the subject of the episode was a woman; Bertha Benz.

I won’t go into great detail about the podcast; you should go and give a listen for yourself because

This is what a person of action looks like.

Rowe does high-quality work, but suffice to give a little background on Mrs. Benz. You see, she was the wife of Karl Benz, the purported inventor of the first automobile. Before the day discussed in the podcast, the longest successful “motor carriage” drive had encompassed a total of about 40 feet.

Bertha would completely destroy that record and ensure the world would no longer see her husband as an idiot. She would effectively change the course of history.

She is an example for us all. An example of what we can do, if only we would take action and do it.

Thank you, Bertha Benz. Oh, and Karl, too.

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