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I Can’t Stand This Guy: Jeff Goins (Virtual Mentor Series #1)

Virtual MentorSeries

This is the first post in the Virtual Mentor series.

Most of us have some people in our lives we can reach out to when the going gets tough or when we need some edification or direction. Such is essential to all human endeavors and happiness, in my humble opinion.

I believe we also need to have people that we admire, who are (or were) great at what they do (did), who can teach us through their words and actions, but can’t necessarily be reached anytime we need them.

These would be what I call “Virtual Mentors.” Putting our own knowledge and skills together with a solid group of virtual mentors will increase our chances for success exponentially.

I Can’t Stand This Guy

This is my virtual mentor group when all are present. That's me seated.

This is my virtual mentor group when all are present. That’s me seated.

I always wanted, no needed, to be a writer. In 2007, I finally acted on that need and I started said career, albeit extremely part-time. I wrote and published lots of articles, published blogs, had a few clients, and enjoyed it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I stopped for an extended period after hitting a road block. Thereafter, I stopped and started a few times, never gaining a strong foothold, my confidence shaken.

Enter Jeff Goins. I don’t recall how I came across him, but it was around the time he wrote his first book, Wrecked, in 2012. I looked at his blog to see when he started and it appears to have been around 2008, after I started my own writing, but not by much.

Today, he is a well-respected writer and blogger and he has four published books to his credit. He has written for well-respected publications, been interviewed by other successful people, and his career is in the midst of blossoming.

So, you see why I can’t stand this guy. He got his start after I did and he’s a successful published author with a popular blog. I, on the other hand, have not not published a book (though it’s in the process) and this blog is at the fledgling stage. Plus, he’s younger than I am! How dare he!!

Just Messing with You

The “I can’t stand this guy” title is just a bit of fun on my part. In addition to his accomplishments in the writing craft, by all accounts, he is a good husband, father, and all around super guy. It was after following his work and reading some of his books that I gradually came back to writing.

Goins is someone worthy of being consulted virtually in more than a few areas. Chiefly, though, he has stuck to his craft through the startup phase, undoubtedly endured the early times when no one was visiting his blog, kept at it and has is now seeing the fruits of his labor pay off.

Persistence – that’s what it takes

Goins has been persistent. Sure, he’s a great writer. The thing is, there are a lot of great writers out there. If they’ve heard of Jeff Goins, I’m sure a lot of them TRULY can’t stand the guy. Why? Because, most of them have never written a book, to say nothing of publishing one. They may not even know why that is so. I can tell them the primary reason: They lack the persistence.

This extends well outside the boundaries of writing and into every field or endeavor. Whatever we desire to be or do, a great deal of the success we have depends upon our level of persistence.

Goins is a great example for all to follow. He’s on my short list of virtual mentors.

Next up in the series, George Washington. Yes, the one that’s been dead for a couple hundred years.

Who is on your list?

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