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A Dentist in a Dangerous Place

You’ve seen dangerous places on the evening news, but unless you’ve read Robert Young Pelton’s books or seen him on Fox or other news outlets, or gone there in person, you don’t know dangerous places.

Hint: They aren’t places for the faint of heart. Myself? I’ve only been in a few dangerous spots, but none on the scale of RYP or the people I mention below.

As I said in this earlier post, I/we/you know imageof at least two other people who know dangerous places. Dr. David Sperow and his wife, Marty, know dangerous places, have been to dangerous places, and they’ll go back to dangerous places. That’s where the hurting is located. That’s where the help is needed.

Dr. Dave, and his NGO (non-governmental organization), La Cima World Missions, was just featured on the news. Read the story of the recent Iraq mission here.

LaCimaWorldMissions.org – A decade-long record of combating evil and spreading light in dangerous places.

Changes your view of dentists, doesn’t it?

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